Zoology & Botany

S2 Puma:

Multi-element analysis from Carbon (C) to Americium (Am) for a wide range of applications in at-line quality control or in central labs. With its unique High Sense detectors the S2 PUMA also masters advanced applications in R&D.

S2 Polar:

Multi-element analysis of petrochemical products from ultra-low sulfur diesel to crude oil according to ASTM D7220, D4294 and ISO 13032. Well suited also for lubricating oils and edible oils.

Skyscan 1272 CMOS:

Benchtop form factor with vibration isolation, CMOS detector and micro positioning sample stage for increased resolution

Skyscan 2214 CMOS:

Floor standing nano-XRM with high power source, advanced vibration isolation and multiple detectors providing highest versatility

Skyscan 1276 CMOS Edition:

High resolution, fast and low dose desktop in vivo microCT with continuously variable magnification for scanning small laboratory animals and biological samples.

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